cieTrade Introduces Inventory Scanning App for Warehouse Operations

Freightview Integration with cieTrade Recycling Software

New mobile app helps recyclers scan and identify inventory, perform stock confirmation checks and streamline routine stock and cycle counts.

Norwalk, Conn. – February 15, 2023 –

cieTrade, a leading provider of business management software for commodity brokers, paper and recycling companies, has introduced a new mobile app, cieLocation, to their suite of specialized software solutions for recyclers. cieLocation helps increase efficiency and improve inventory control by making it easier for warehouse personnel to instantly edit and relocate inventory items, confirm material availability and eliminate the use of paper stock and cycle count sheets that are commonly used in recycling plants.

“Improving identification and accuracy of material movements across the warehouse is something that recyclers often struggle with, making it difficult to match what’s on the ground against what’s in your inventory management system,” says Emily Gray-Ott, Product Manager at cieTrade. “cieLocation helps meet this challenge by allowing warehouse personnel to track material movements directly from your warehouse floor, providing the back-office with real-time access to accurate inventory positions.”

cieLocation allows warehouse personnel to input a serial number, inventory item number or quickly scan a barcode label to view and edit stock identification details including the product name, quantity, packaging, warehouse location and more. When moving inventory items from one location to another, users can register these movements directly on the app, which instantly updates the inventory location for the back-office within your cieTrade database. Users can also input a receiving ticket, shipping ticket or material processing job number to retrieve a list of items that are scheduled to be brought in, shipped out or consumed. Inventory items can then be marked as Found, Not Found or Unconfirmed, helping to match the predefined list of items with what is actually available on your floor. With cieLocation, users can also verify the location of existing inventory items or quickly update the location of misplaced material, saving time during routine stock and cycle counts.

The cieLocation app is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices. For more information, please call (203) 323 0074.

About cieTrade:

cieTrade is used by many of the leading recycling and forest products companies worldwide. They offer a unique business management solution for both (SaaS) cloud and on-premise environments tailored to the needs of bulk commodity traders, recycling plants, pulp and paper companies. Their solution provides the specialized workflows, business processes, shipping documents and financial reports that clients need combined with a support team that offers deep industry knowledge and best practices to help achieve maximum value from the platform.

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