Quickly check and edit inventory, confirm availability and perform stock and cycle counts


Streamline inventory management and minimize
time spent with physical stock counts

cieLocation improves identitifaction and accuracy of material movements across warehouse locations by providing warehouse staff with an instant way of identifying and relocating inventory, checking and confirming the availability of items in your warehouse and minimizing time spent with physical stock and cycle counts.

Stock Confirmation Checks

Stock Confirmation Checks

Input a Converting Job, Receiving Ticket or Shipping Ticket number to retrieve a list of the materials scheduled to be consumed, brought in or shipped out. Items can easily be marked as Found, Not Found, or Unconfirmed, making it easier to match requested inventory with what is actually available.

Scan & Identify Items

Search for material using the inventory item number, serial number or by quickly scanning the inventory barcode label to quickly pull up key information such as the product name, quantity, warehouse location and more.

scan identify inventory
relocate inventory

Quickly Relocate Inventory

Users can easily move inventory from one location to another and register these movements directly on the app, instantly updating the inventory
location for your back-office in your cieTrade account.

Physical Stock & Cycle Count​s

Allows warehouse staff to scan existing inventory or even add missing inventory items found at a warehouse location to conduct and streamline stock and cycle counts.

Physical Stock & Cycle Count​s

Key Features

  • Minimizes time spent with physical stock and cycle counts.
  • Eliminates paper stock count sheets.
  • Scans inventory barcodes to check stock identification and edit warehouse locations.
  • Scans stock for material processing, receiving or shipping and confirms against a preselected list of inventory items.
  • Scans existing inventory or adds missing items at a warehouse location to conduct a stock count.
  • Provides up-to-date visibility on physical inventory status which can be viewed through the cieTrade inventory module.
  • Safeguards data with individual user logins and permissions managed directly from cieTrade.
  • Restricts users to view only their Department’s warehouses.
  • Never stores business information on your mobile device.
  • Available for Apple iOS, Android mobile devices and handheld computers.

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Additional Tools

self service portal

Self-Service Portal

cieTrade’s self-service portal gives supply chain partners 24/7 on-demand access and visibility to recovered material, pricing, shipments, payments, documents and more.



cieDispatch is a free mobile app that lets your drivers retrieve a list of assigned tickets, get directions to service locations, update job status, record notes, and even capture photos.


When an item number, serial number, or barcode label is scanned, cieLocation will automatically show key information such as the product name, quantity, packaging type, supplier, warehouse and warehouse location and more.

Yes, cieLocation allows users to register material movements directly on the app, and instantly updates the inventory
location for your back-office to see in your cieTrade account.

Yes, once you have allowed cieLocation access to use your camera, it will allow you to scan barcode labels directly with your mobile device.

To set up cieLocation users, please contact our Support Team with a list of users and credentials (user IDs and passwords) that you wish to set up.

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