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Benefits of cieTrade's International Trade Software

Automates Your Entire Trading Cycle

Helps automate your entire international trading cycle from order management, planning, credit and compliance, to execution, documentation and more.

Organizes Your
Export Operation

Our unique worksheet concept organizes the financials, logistics and documents for each international trade shipment on one form that can be instantly and easily retrieved.

Lets You Work More Effectively

cieTrade helps exporters manage their critical business data and operations from one place that can be instantly and securely accessed from anywhere.

Minimizes Trading

Robust analysis and budgeting features let you review order profitability, including internal interest, credit and currency risk prior to approval.

Generates Export

Saves time by quickly creating all of your specialized export shipping and billing documentation using customizable templates, internal signatures and more.

Provides Critical Business Insights

cieTrade provides valuable business intelligence with real-time gross profit reports by customer, supplier, product, tonnage trend, order fulfillment and more.

Key Features of cieTrade's International Trade Software

Booking Management

  • Built-in workflows manage and coordinate ocean booking requests and automate related tasks.
  • Electronically submits Bill of Lading instructions directly to ocean carriers or provides notices to freight forwarders.
  • Automatically produces supplier booking and shipping instructions. Controls allocations, monitors fulfillment and rollovers.
  • Tracks cutoff dates and generates critical alerts.

Container Management

  • Easily captures, checks, and assigns container shipments.
  • Container details can be easily uploaded directly from supplier spreadsheets or captured with specialized tools.
  • Automatically checks for duplicate container numbers.
  • Easily reassigns container shipments for missed cutoffs.
  • Supports venture trading business and order matching.
  • Handles trans-loading activities.

Order Management & Analysis

  • Supports order planning and budgeting with internal interest and currency hedging.
  • Analyzes planned vs. actual results on a per shipment and per order basis.
  • Shows the projected profitability of every shipment.
  • Provides specialized reports including booking assignments, order fulfillment, statistical data by account, product and market trading position and more.


  • Automatically generates all of your specialized shipping and billing export documentation using fully customizable templates and digital signatures.
  • Predefined document types include: packing lists, bills of lading, confirmations, freight and shipping instructions, commercial invoices, certificates, bank drafts and more.
  • Document Event tracking helps you stay on top of shipping requirements and notifications.
  • Improves organization and access to all third-party documents.

Gross Profit & Commissions

  • Calculates the projected profitability of every international trade.
  • Calculates profit at multiple levels including by customer, supplier, product, overseas agent and more.
  • Generates commissions based on user-definable formulas and multiple payment methods.
  • Supports internal interest calculations for cost of payment spreads.

Email & Photo Attachments

  • Easily captures export container photos from email messages or web download for compliance and claims.
  • Attaches copies of any external files such as PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel documents and Microsoft Outlook email attachments directly to shipments and orders.
  • Emails documentation, photos, and file attachments to your clients or trading partners directly from cieTrade in one click.
  • Features optional photo capture mobile app to upload container photos directly into your cieTrade database.

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Additional Tools

self service portal

Self-Service Portal

cieTrade’s self-service portal gives supply chain partners 24/7 on-demand access and visibility to recovered material, pricing, shipments, payments, documents and more.


cieTrade’s mobile reporting app provides sales reps and managers with real-time access to cieTrade account information and key management reports from the road or anywhere else.


Yes, cieTrade fully supports multi-currency trading with automatic currency exchange rates. We also support spot currency rates and currency contracts. Your database can be set up in your natural currency (usually the same as your accounting.)

Yes, cieTrade’s unique design makes it fast and easy for clients to record and attach container and material photos, external documents, and more to all of your orders and bookings. You can also quickly send those attachments with your digital packet of export documents to the Customer or Shipping line.

cieTrade offers a Microsoft Outlook Add-In tool that allows you to save email messages and attachments directly on worksheets. Saving attachments in cieTrade turns each Worksheet into a virtual file folder, making information easy to locate by all users.

Yes, cieTrade directly interfaces with terminals, ocean carriers, and customs.

cieTrade provides international exporters with various standard shipping and billing documents that can be generated in one click and custom branded with your company logo, digital signature, and more. Please contact our sales team if you require a custom company-specific document or report.

VGM certificates can be submitted by shippers using one of several methods: through the carrier’s website portal, via email message, electronically using EDI messaging, or through middleware platforms such as CargoSmart or INTTRA. cieTrade helps meets VGM requirements and avoid costly in-gate charges or rejections with seamless support and integration methods for these methods, making compliance as easy and efficient as possible. 

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