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Benefits of cieTrade's Paper Merchant and Converting Software

Lets You Work More Effectively

cieTrade helps paper merchants manage their critical business data and operations from one place that can be instantly and securely accessed from anywhere.

Organizes Your

Our unique worksheet concept provides complete control, traceability and oversight of your paper products from origin through manufacturing and shipping.

Integrates With
Your Scales

cieTrade offers seamless scale integration with truck, floor, and forklift scales with optional stored tare weights to save time and improve accuracy.

Helps Improve Customer Service

cieTrade helps provide your customers with instant access and visibility into key information including payments, shipments, open invoices and more.

Provides Critical Business Insights

cieTrade provides valuable business intelligence with real-time gross profit reports by customer, supplier, product, tonnage trend and more, helping you make better decisions.

Seamlessly Connects With Accounting

Saves time and minimizes errors by synchronizing master data and transaction postings without the use of manual batch files that can easily lead to reconciliation headaches.

Key Features of cieTrade's Paper Merchant and Converting Software

Pricing & Orders

  • Handles both spot and contract orders.
  • Allows you to establish pricing by account, weight, MSF, per each and more.
  • Supports market and index-formula pricing.
  • Automatically rolls‐over pricing agreements.
  • Features “confirmed pricing workflow” to avoid settlements on unconfirmed prices.
  • Provides a central dashboard to manage and edit pricing and view pricing history from one place.
  • Shows real-time order status, budget to actual analysis, and more.

Paper Converting

  • Supports user definable job types and equipment such as rewinding, splicing, sheeting and other processes.
  • Tracks waste, labor, overhead and more.
  • Helps identify material genealogy and consumption by parent-roll, supplier, and buyer for increased material quality control & accountability.
  • Uses landed cost valuation that capitalizes processing, freight, and storage, and costs for more accurate reporting of cost of goods and gross profit.

Inventory Control

  • Tracks user-definable paper stock attributes including basis weight, caliper, roll/sheet size, core and more.
  • Supports both serial (itemized) and bulk inventory models.
  • Track material in real-time by warehouse, lot, raw/finished goods and more.
  • Custom barcode labels and scanning support improves identification and accuracy of material movements, pack and pick, stock identification and cycle counts.
  • Values material with at a landed cost, capitalizing freight, storage & processing costs.

Logistics Management

  • Built-in workflow features help organize open orders, in-process shipments, approvals, logistics notifications and more.
  • Quickly find shipments by any reference including order, pickup, truck and invoice number, bill of lading, carrier, and more.
  • Each transaction groups all financial and logistical information for the shipment.
  • Document Event tracking helps you stay on top of shipping requirements and notifications.
  • Universal search engine makes it easy to retrieve attached documents and photos from anywhere in the system.

Documentation & Email

  • Automatically generates all of your specialized shipping and billing documentation for inland or ocean transport using fully customizable templates and digital signatures.
  • Predefined document types include: packing lists, bills of lading, confirmations, freight and shipping instructions, commercial invoices and more.
  • Captures and saves emails directly from Outlook.
  • Emails documentation, photos, and file attachments to your clients or recycling partners directly from the cieTrade in one click


  • Shows the projected profitability of every shipment.
  • Generates all of the specialized, Excel friendly reports and multilevel drill-down inquiries you need to manage daily activity and business performance.
  • Advanced reports include: gross profit by customer, supplier, product and more, tonnage and pricing trends, order matching and fulfillment, settlement statements, commissions and much more.
  • Integrated Self-Service Portal provides your customers and supply chain partners with on-demand access and visibility to recovered material, shipments, pricing, payments, documents and more.

Want to see a full list of features?

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Additional Tools

self service portal

Self-Service Portal

cieTrade’s self-service portal gives customers and supply chain partners 24/7 on-demand access and visibility to recovered material, pricing, shipments, payments, documents and more.



cieTrade’s inventory scanning app helps your warehouse quickly check and edit inventory, confirm inventory availability and minimize time spent with stock and cycle counts.


Yes, cieTrade offers direct integration with floor, truck, and forklift scales to pull scaled material weights directly into the system. This feature only works with scales that have an IP Address.

Yes, cieTrade’s unique design makes it fast and easy for clients to record and attach container and material photos, external documents, and more to all of your orders and tickets.

Our converting module handles processes such as rewinding, splicing, sheeting and more while tracking yield/loss and capitalizing processing costs into your output products.

Yes, cieTrade allows you to buy and sell in different weights, UOMs, currencies, and products.

Interested in Learning More?

Learn how cieTrade can meet the unique needs of your trading or recycling business with an online demonstration tailored to your specific areas of interest.

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