Inventory Management

Take control of your paper stock, recovered fiber, or scrap material inventory

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Take control of your paper stock, recovered fiber or scrap material inventory

cieTrade’s inventory management and material processing solution provides the capabilities you need to get control of your paper stock, recovered fiber, or scrap material inventory. It increases visibility and provides traceability of material for improved accountability, offers landed cost valuations, tracks rep contribution, production costs, yield, and more, all while helping to maximize the productivity of your warehouse.

Advanced Material Traceability

cieTrade tracks your inventory in real-time by warehouse, lot, raw/finished goods, condition and more. It supports searchable product attributes and helps identify material genealogy and consumption for increased material quality control, claims and accountability. 

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barcode scanning support

Barcode Scanning Support

Built-in barcode scanning solutions help save time, improve stock identification and accuracy of material movements with customizable labels, boosts productivity and avoids errors when picking inventory for production and shipping.

Processing & Cost Allocations

cieTrade uses an actual or “landed” cost inventory valuation method that capitalizes freight, warehouse storage and processing costs to selected inventory for more accurate reporting of COGS, gross profit, sales rep. contribution and more.

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Mobile Warehouse Tools

Our touch-friendly mobile warehouse tools streamline operations by connecting your shop floor with the back-office, helping to eliminate paper break-down sheets and shipping logs for various jobs including unloading, processing, packing and more.

Inventory Reports

Specialized real-time inventory reports provide instant visibility on stock position and historial data by product, supplier, location, sales & purchase trend, top products/grades and much more.

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Key Features

  • Tracks bulk material and serial (itemized) inventory by weight
  • Supports both lot and perpetual (average cost) inventory accounting models
  • Tracks material in real time by warehouse, lot, roll & skid number, raw/finished goods, condition, age and much more
  • Supports user-definable product attribute combinations
  • Provides material traceability by supplier and buyer
  • Capitalizes storage charges or handling costs into existing inventory at any time
  • Landed cost valuations capitalizing freight, storage, and processing costs
  • Provides barcode scanning support with customizable labels to save time and improve identification and accuracy of material movements & shipments
  • Provides specialized reports and forms to make it easy to post inventory adjustments and capture physical counts
  • Instant summary and detail reports on inventory position, roll forward, and inventory valuation
  • Increases overall visibility and control by reducing or eliminating cycle counts

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Additional Tools



cieTrade’s inventory scanning app helps your warehouse quickly check and edit inventory, confirm inventory availability and minimize time spent with stock and cycle counts.



cieTrade’s mobile reporting app provides sales reps and managers with real-time access to cieTrade account information and key management reports from the road or anywhere else.


cieTrade currently supports four inventory tracking models including: serial, bulk-perpetual, bulk non-perpetual, and do-not-track. Workflows that use multiple products of a different inventory model used collectively are supported.

Yes, cieTrade offers direct integration with barcode scanners and label printers that support Bluetooth compatability.

Yes, cieTrade uses a “landed cost” inventory valuation method that capitalizes freight, storage, and processing costs for more accurate reporting of COGS (Cost of Goods Sold.)

cieTrade lets you quickly find items and loads by product/grade, serial number, supplier, user definable product attributes and more.

cieTrade provides a wide range of inventory reports from a general inventory overview to inventory sales/purchases, inventory available and much more– each over a specified period of time.

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