Updated cieTrade Mobile Dispatch App

cieDispatch helps drivers track service requests, capture activity and provide instant status updates from anywhere. Our dispatch app allows your drivers retrieve a list of assigned tickets, get directions to service locations, update job status, record notes, and even capture photos. Information is instantly updated in your existing cieTrade account, saving time and making it easier to manage services while eliminating double-entry.

With the updated cieDispatch app we have introduced a few new features these include

  • Ability to let drivers create their own service tickets directly from the app
  • Updated Job page layout  and information on service jobs have been expanded.
  • View addresses before launching maps.
  • Users can now record reasons for service fails.

As before, you can also capture signatures, take or upload photos, pickup/left behind bale counts, write notes, receive instructions, and change status and more. All fully integrated with cieTrade’s Dispatch Job Module.

To learn more about cieDispatch, visit cieDispatch or contact the Support Team at 203.323.0074

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