Keep your Drivers Connected to the Office


Help drivers track service requests, capture activity and provide instant status updates from anywhere.

cieDispatch is a free mobile app that lets your drivers retrieve a list of assigned tickets, get directions to service locations, update job status, record notes, and even capture photos. Information is instantly updated in your existing cieTrade account, saving time and making it easier to manage services while eliminating double-entry.

Keep Drivers Organized

Eliminates paper dispatch sheets, allowing your drivers to instantly access all of their assigned service calls, see site instructions, and get turn-by-turn directions right from their own mobile device.

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capture photos and notes

Capture Photos & Notes

Lets your drivers easily capture equipment or site photos, signatures, or write comments and explanations of failed services while on location, making it easier for dispatchers to manage and track activity.

Obtain Instant Updates

Connectivity with your cieTrade account means that each ticket status is updated in real-time and drivers notes or photos are instantly updated with each dispatch ticket, eliminating manual updates and double-entry of data.

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Key Features

  • Eliminates paper dispatch sheets, manual updates, and double-entry.
  • Allows drivers to retrieve a list of assigned tickets for both multi-stop routes, bale-routes & “out/back” runs.
  • Provides drivers with “real-time” information on service assignments, change orders and additions.
  • Lets drivers easily Complete or Fail services.
  • Provides turn-by-turn directions to service locations, site location notes and contact.
  • Easily add notes, comments, or explanations of failed services while on location
  • Records bales counts that were picked up or left behind.
  • Allows equipment or site photos to be captured and instantly uploaded to each dispatch ticket.
  • Gives back-office up-to-date visibility on status which can be viewed through the cieTrade dispatch board.
  • Restricts drivers to view only their own assigned service jobs.

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Additional Tools

self service portal

Self-Service Portal

cieTrade’s self-service portal gives supply chain partners 24/7 on-demand access and visibility to recovered material, pricing, shipments, payments, documents and more.


cieTrade’s FREE mobile app for Apple mobile devices provides sales reps and managers with real-time access to cieTrade® account information and key management…


Yes, since cieDispatch is fully integrated with your cieTrade account, your data is automatically synced and your back-office can easily change assignments, make service additions and receive ticket status updates in real-time.

Yes, your business data is secured with individual user accounts and permissions that are centrally managed and restricts drivers to view only their own assigned service jobs.

Yes, cieDispatch provides a detailed list of each stop and service for a specific route assignment. Route stops are listed in the order of assignment from the routing builder tool in cieTrade.

No, cieDispatch safeguards your business data and never stores business information on your mobile device.

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