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Software for Trading and Recycling About cieTrade
cieTrade® is a global provider of commodity trading and recycling software. We provide a complete solution that helps brokers and recycling plants stay competitive by maximizing their productivity, improving inventory and cost controls, and increasing financial oversight. Our solution organizes transactions for quick easy access, supports common workflows, automates documentation, and manages attachments and photos. It also tracks inventory, calculates commissions, and reports on profitability at many levels. Our support team brings many years of recycling industry experience and knowledge of best practices to help clients get the most from their software investment.

cieTrade clients include many of the leading companies in the paper & forest products sector and the recycling industry. It is also used by commodity traders around the world.

In today’s competitive business environment, thin margins and volatile markets have put an increasing emphasis on the productivity of your staff and the economic efficiency of your operation. cieTrade’s unique design concept, integrated workflow features, and end-to-end integration helps you stay competitive by eliminating redundant data entry, facilitating access to vital business information, promoting employee collaboration, and providing the tools you need to control costs and manage profitability.

Broker on the phone

Intuitive “Buy/Sell” Order Entry form records all trade details.
Shows the projected profitability of each shipment or order.
Quickly finds loads by Release#, BOL, Rail/Truck# & more.
Allows different buy/sell weights & units of measure on a trade.
Handles Light Load Adjustments and tracks Claims.
Produces all shipping and billing documentation.
Fully automated Receive Weight Notices for faster billing.
Easily Manages & Schedules Mill Release Fulfillment.
EDI support for advance shipment notices.
Complete Logistics Management & Freight Rate History.
Offers e-Mail, Fax, and Document Imaging support.
Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office.
Machine in a recycling plant

Purchase Contracts and Automated Re-pricing.
Integrated Service Call and Dispatch tracking.
Easy to use truck scale integration w/ automatic tare weights.
Prints Scale Tickets, Bill of Ladings, Dispatch Sheets & more.
Supports multi stop pickups (milk-runs) & Stream allocation.
Equipment location tracking and history reports.
Convenient monthly (supplier) statements.
Helps manage open, un-graded, or un-priced loads.
Perpetual Inventory Model for accurate profitability by load.
ciePortal® - Web based Supplier information/Request Site.
Containers on a ship

Supports Order Budgeting and Analysis.
Tracks containers for both wastepaper and roll-stock.
Easily finds and edits container weights and other details.
Manages Booking activity, cutoffs, rollovers, and notification.
Produces Letters of Credit, Bill of Lading, Certificates & more.
Includes Ocean Freight Rate Logistics Management.
Handles “dead freight” calculations & Light Load adjustments.
Prints specialized Order Management & Shipping reports.
Buy and sell using any unit of measure: ST, MT, LBS, KG.
Captures digital images of shipping containers.
Supports multicurrency transactions and accounting.
AES Direct integration for SED filings.
Man in a forklift with rolls in background

Track Inventory by warehouse, lot, bin, and roll/skid no.
Uses an Indexed specification for fewer product definitions.
Captures basis wt, caliper, dia, roll-wd, sheet size and more.
Check for inventory with paper specific attributes.
Manages order activity and profitability by sales rep.
Princing by area, weight, and “per M”, in both metric & Imperial.
Capitalizes all converting & freight costs into stock valuation.
Tracks parent-roll lineage and depression history for all stock.
Provides “real-time” view of available inventory by warehouse.
Simplifies data capture of received loads using cieWarehouse®.
Production job scheduling and labeling system with bar codes.

Uses Plastics attributes: Material Type, Grade, Color, Melt, Condition.
Barcode labels/scanners for improved inventory control.
Supports Floor Scale integration and tare weight adjustments.
Tracks inventory by warehouse, location, lot, and item.
Values inventory with purchase, expenses and manufacturing costs.
Models manufacturing processes (grinding, flaking, pelletizing, etc).
Maintains source of material for quality control.
Calculates contribution and commissions for buyers/reps.
Reports gross profit by shipment, commodity, account and more.
Automates shipping documentation.
Buy and sell in any unit of measure (LBS, ST, KG, MT).
Streamlines export processes, manages cutoffs, container fulfillment, etc.

ciePhoto;mobile apps

ciePhoto® »

Productivity tool to capture & manage photos for export shipments & claims.

cieMobile® »

Mobile CRM platform for account management and business development.

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» cieTrade exhibiting at NPE2015
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