Updated cieMobile App

Updated cieMobile App for Android and Apple Devices

cieTrade’s mobile reporting app, cieMobile, has been reintroduced, now with cross platform support for both Apple and Android devices.

cieMobile provides on-demand access to vital data and records from your cieTrade platform including financial reports, tickets, shipments, account information and more. Please note that the previous version of cieMobile will soon be removed from the Apple App Store.  Current cieMobile users will be able to download this new version and login using their existing credentials. Clients interested in using cieMobile with Android devices will be able to get this new version from the Google Play store very shortly.

With this new technology platform, we will now be able to introduce significant new features and enhancements to cieMobile that have long been requested including support to create sales and purchase orders directly from your mobile device and much more.

To learn more about cieMobile, visit Mobile CRM App | cieMobile or contact the Support Team at 203.323.0074.

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