New Service Contract Module

cieTrade’s New Service Contract Module

cieTrade’s new productivity tool allows you to efficiently manage service contracts with waste haulers or other third-parties while eliminating spreadsheet workarounds. 

The new Service Contract Module lets you set up one or more service agreements between a hauler and any service location. These contracts can be retrieved based on account, site, provider, contract date or expiration. 

Email alerts can be generated based on upcoming contract expiration and even for price escalations. As part of this change, the cieTrade Location form now shows a list of related service contracts as well as any equipment at that location, making it even easier to view and access this information in cieTrade.

The Service Contract Module is available in the latest cieTrade update as of April 1st. The accompanying email alert feature is available for free but only upon request due to pending configuration.

For more information, please contact the cieTrade Client Support Team.

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