It's not just "trading" and never has been.

We’ve always offered much more than just business management software for commodity brokerage. Learn more about our full suite of solutions for the recycling industry.

Inventory & Barcode Scanning

cieTrade has always offered an inventory module which can manage all of your inbound feed stock, WIP and finished goods either in bulk on an average cost basis or in “Serial” with a specific cost for individual bales, boxes, rolls, sheets and more, all using unique product attributes. You can track material sources by supplier or load for quality control and also generate custom barcode labels to tag items, scan for cycle counts or create pick lists without using additional software.

Material Processing & Converting

cieTrade can capture material processing operations directly from your shop floor using our specialized mobile and tablet apps.  Automatically capitalize “input” material costs into your output for more accurate COGS while automatically tracking any yield loss. Seamlessly transform bulk material into serialized inventory for maximum flexibility and generate custom barcode labels for your finished goods.

Recycling Plants & Scrap Yards

cieTrade offers a comprehensive business solution for recycling plants and scrap yards. You can build routes and generate dispatch tickets for recurring and one-time service requests which drivers can track from our mobile app. Process inbound (and outbound) material over a weigh-bridge, floor scale or handle buy-back transactions with regulatory compliance. Track material tonnage and value with index price formulas or spot prices to easily generate month-end settlements and even provide supply-chain partners with instant access and transparency to their recycling program using our self-service portal.

Waste Brokerage

cieTrade is a one of the few companies offering a specialized solution for the Waste Brokerage business and we have years of experience doing it. Unlike “trash hauling”, waste brokerage uses a very specialized workflow that requires both the tracking of equipment and services per site AND the simultaneous matching of costs and revenue which can be further complicated by recycling rebates. Then there’s the challenge of reconciling third-party hauler invoices with planned service charges. Our unique solution manages and simplifies this process to help make your operation more effective.

Paperstock, Pulp and Lumber ​

cieTrade has long been a solutions provider to leading supply-chain intermediaries in the Forest Products industry worldwide. Our platform offers many specialized features for effective trading and warehousing operations including order budgeting and internal interest, credit and currency risk management, inventory tracking by individual paper stock/pulp roll or lumber bundle, custom shipping documents and integrated EDI services to meet the demands of supply chain partners just to name a few.

And yes, Trading and Export

Of course, cieTrade has long been a leading provider of specialized business management software for scrap metal, recovered paper and scrap plastics brokers as well as pulp, paper and lumber traders and even agricultural products. Our platform offers numerous unique features such as our “buy/sell” worksheet concept, gross profit reporting by order, shipment, customer and supplier, export container and document tracking, LC business support, commission reporting and much more.

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