New Email Sending Options

Many Cloud clients have reported an increasing number of instances where email messages sent from the platform are not being received by customers and supply chain partners. This is primarily happening due to the increased security of many mail servers in conjunction with the way that cieTrade sends messages. In response we are offering several new options to help avoid or reduce this problem.

Why are my mail messages not being received?

Email servers are increasingly requiring that the “FROM” address of an email message must match the email server that the mail was actually sent from to avoid spoofing and related phishing scams. Since cieTrade is sending email from our own authorized domain “” and since we normally use the end-user’s organizational email address as the FROM address, our messages are being flagged more frequently. Depending on the level of security of the receiving mail server, these messages may be deferred, placed into spam, or outright rejected, which is what cieTrade clients are experiencing more frequently.

How can we resolve this?

With the next release of the cieTrade platform on Thursday, February 29 at 9:00pm ET, we will introduce 2 new options to improve email reliability and avoid messages from being flagged. These policies are as follows:

Send email from our server using in the FROM field.

This is the best option to ensure reliable mail delivery. ALL messages will use a FROM address that contains the name of our mail server “” but use a REPLY name of the end-user or your organization. This method minimizes or eliminates messages and documents from being flagged and not delivered. Here’s are two examples of how the FROM address might appear on an email message.

Bob Jones <>

Bob Jones ABC PAPER <>

Send email using your own mail server.

If you wish to continue to have your own email address as the “FROM ADDRESS” that appears in a received email message like “” then you will need to setup your own SMTP server so that you can properly authenticate your domain and have it send mail on your behalf. The next version of cieTrade will offer such an option. Here is an example of how the return address would appear.

Bob Jones <>

Send email using our server with your organizational email address.

This is how cieTrade works today. Mail is sent from own “SendGrid” mail server. The FROM email address and the REPLY name is the end-users organizational email address. As shown below. The problem is that messages sent from our server using a different mail domain from the end-user are increasingly flagged.

Bob Jones <>

Note on the Reply To address.

In all cases above the reply to email address is always the end-user or your organization, never our mail server. You can configure and control the reply email address as needed.


For more information on these changes, please see our published help topic or contact the cloud support team at

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