Streamline your Recycling Plant

Eliminate paper breakdown sheets & shipping journals.

mobile apps
  • eDock

    EDock is a mobile warehouse application that helps automate the grading and processing of inbound loads and outbound shipments from your recycling plant. It saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the use of paper shipping logs and manual breakdown sheets.

    EDock’s integrated workflow notifies your back office about newly received loads or shipments for final approval. It provides seamless integration with your cieTrade system all from a touch friendly Windows mobile tablet or workstation.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Scale Integration

    Truck Scale Integration

    Seamlessly captures scale weights from weighbridge devices, forklift and floor scales from the touch of a button with automatic tare weight deductions.

  • Produce Documentation

    Shipping Documents

    Quickly generates inbound and outbound documentation including: certified scale tickets, Bills of Lading, Pick Sheets and Packing Lists.

  • Barcoding Capture

    Barcode Scanning

    Helps improve inventory control by generating customizable barcode labels that make it easier to select and identify material for production or shipping.

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