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  • cieMobile App
  • cieMobile

    Take cieTrade's trading and recycling software to go

    cieTrade’s FREE mobile app for Apple mobile devices provides sales reps and managers with real-time access to cieTrade® account information and key management reports from the road or anywhere else. cieMobile® is compatible with all versions of cieTrade® and can be easily be activated for any client’s system without any additional software or network configurations.

    For more information contact our support team at 203-323-0074

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  • Keep Connected

    Stay Connected

    Helps you stay on top of all your accounts. Easily lookup any contact, get directions to their office, send email messages, make phone calls, and view company specific reports such as orders, shipping activity, and trends all from your mobile phone.

  • Instant Reports

    Instant Reports

    Visibility into key business metrics is available right from the Dashboard page, no need to login to your desktop. Includes receivables, shipments, order status, trends and more, keeping you up to date without being in the office.

  • Secure Login

    Safe and Secure Login

    Access to your account is safeguarded with individual user logins and permissions that can be centrally managed and controlled from within your cieTrade system.

  • "We were very impressed with cieMobile. It’s helped our staff enhance their professionalism and access valuable information from their fingertips, without having to call back to the office or carry around stacks of paperwork."

    - Brian Bingham Managing Director, Highlander International LTD

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