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    With today’s volatile scrap markets and erratic prices, managing a commercial recycling business has never been more difficult or competitive, making reliance on outdated systems or manual process that much riskier and expensive. cieTrade helps scrap metal recyclers regain control with a seamless technology platform that helps organize, manage and control every facet of your operation.


    • Pricing:Establish pricing by blanket order(contract), spot price, and with price lists. Supports Index formula pricing, provisional and fixed pricing models for scrap trading. Features “confirmed pricing workflow” to avoid settlements on unconfirmed prices.
    • Inventory Control:Track and manage every aspect of your inventory across multiple yards/ locations in real-time using a landed cost basis for more accurate valuations and gross profit. Material traceability supports quality control, claims & more.
    • Material Processing:Handles production processes such as grinding, shredding, etc. Tracks yield loss and capitalizes all costs into material output.
    • Barcode Scanning:Custom barcode labels and scanning support improves accuracy for material pack/pick, stock identification and cycle counts.
    • Scale Integration:Seamless integration with weigh-bridge and floor scales using optional stored tare weights to save time and improve accuracy.
    • Public Trade:Intuitive touchscreen retail recycling tickets that make it fast & easy to process material and disburse payments by cash, check and through ATM kiosk.
    • Compliance Features:Supports drivers license & finger print scanning, IP cameras to capture scaled material, customer photos, digital signatures, delayed payment on non-ferrous materials, integration with Leads-Online.
    • Container & Claims Photos:Mobile app easily captures container and claims photos that are automatically organized by ticket and easily forwarded to customers. (See ciePhoto)
    • Workflow Features:Built‐in workflows help manage open tickets, service dispatches, ungraded & un‐priced loads, transportation, shipment scheduling, received weights & more.
    • Container Dispatch & Route Management:Tracks on-demand and recurring service requests, allows service routes to be built on demand or recurring schedule. Generates tickets, monitors service levels. Includes optional mobile dispatch app for drivers.
    • Documentation:Generates all of your specialized documentation for inland or ocean transport using fully customizable templates and numerous predefined document types including: packing lists, bills of lading, confirmations, freight/shipping instructions, certificates & more.
    • Search & Retrieval:Quickly retrieve information on any scale ticket, shipment, or order by load no., truck/trailer no., BOL manifest #, release, pickup, booking and more.
    • Brokerage: Easily handles brokerage “drop-shipment” transactions on one easy to use form allowing different currencies, weights & names on buy and sell side. Includes order “precalcs”, provisional pricing, tracks trading expenses, shows estimated & actual gross profit on every trade.
      (See Brokerage Solutions)
    • Export Business:Manages ocean bookings and freight rates, tracks containers, cutoff dates, photos, VGM, 3PL Infor-Nexus integration handles shipping instructions, creates bookings. Custom templates generate all of your specialized export documents including for LC business.
      (See International Trade Solutions)
    • Ocean & Inland Freight Rates:Track current and historic freight rates, easily update prices. Handles dead freight and light load adjustments by shipment or order.
    • Reports & Inquiries:Includes all of the specialized reports you need to manage daily activity and business performance including gross profit shipping, order matching, fulfillment, tonnage and pricing trends, settlement statements, commissions and much more.
    • Credit Management:Advanced credit management measures risk using A/R plus open shipments & order value to track exposure and improve decision making.
    • Customer Web Portal:Provides supply chain partners with on-demand access and visibility to recovered material, shipments, pricing, payments and documents.
      (See Customer Web Portal to learn more)
    • Warehouse Automation:Dedicated mobile apps automate tasks such as receiving, material grading, pick/pack, scale integration and more.
    • Accounting Integration:Integrates in real-time with select desktop and cloud based platforms providing an instant connection with your financials that saves time and eliminates double-entry. (Learn More)
    • Email & File Attachments:Attach photos or document files to any shipment or order. User defined templates save time by automating message content. You can even attach email messages from Microsoft Outlook.
    • Built-In CRM Tools:Helps track prospective clients with notes, meetings, events, tasks and follow-up reminders.
    • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office©Easily export contents of inquiries and reports directly into Microsoft Excel & Word.
  • "cieTrade continues to amaze us. The software and integrated portal have really opened up opportunities to grow our business and differentiate us among our competitors while their support team has provided a level of service we’ve never experienced before. I don't even want to think of how we did business before!"

    - Hari Agrawal, President, CNA Metals Group

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