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    cieTrade is one of the only solutions specifically adapted for companies that trade pulp, paper, lumber and other commodities in the forest products industry. It provides a seamless solution that can help you increase productivity and maximize trading margins while minimizing risk. Its unique trading centric approach is intuitive and easy to use with organizational features that help save time and improve customer service. It’s everything you need to make your trading business more effective.


    • Includes attributes for basis weight, caliper, roll/sheet size, core. ADMT, Moisture %, and Air Dry % for pulp
    • Price by area, weight, and per sheet, in both imperial and metric
    • Intuitive "buy/sell" trading form captures logistics, insurance, and commission costs with each shipment
    • Buy and sell in different weights, UOMs, currencies, and products
    • Quickly find any shipment by order #, BOL, carrier and more
    • Generates all your specialized shipping & billing documents with customizable templates. Includes LC business document support
    • Defines gross profit by automatically matching revenue with expense accruals
    • Calculates profitability by order, shipment, grade, customer, and supplier & includes internal interest calculations
    • Supports agency (third party buy/sell) business
    • Inventory support available with barcoding support and numerous special features
    • Tracks ocean bookings, containers, photos, cut-off dates and more
    • Lumber trading includes FBM, MFBM, SQF, M3, attributes for species, moisture content, surface, grade, grain and more
    • Supports multicurrency transactions and hedging
    • Real-time accounting integration saves time and avoids reconciliation issues
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    • Includes email integration and document scanning support
    • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Outlook
  • "cieTrade’s specialized inquiries and reporting have increased the visibility needed to monitor our business. The flexibility of the software allows us to modify and adapt to changes in our workflow to ensure we’re meeting our customer’s needs."

    - Daniel Moore, Chief Operating Officer, International Forest Products

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