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    Nothing is more critical to plastics recyclers than controlling inventory costs and tracking material quality, especially in today’s markets. cieTrade's end-to-end solution accurately tracks “landed” inventory value, production costs, and sources of material for quality assurance. It also provides the specialized reports you need to evaluate the performance of supply chain partners and sales reps. It’s everything you need to keep your plastics recycling business profitable and competitive.


    • Supports plastics product attributes: type, grade, color, melt index, condition, etc
    • Quickly finds any load by truck/trailer no, BOL, Manifest # and more
    • Allows both standard and blankets orders with spot and index formula pricing
    • Tracks inventory by warehouse, location, lot and item
    • Supports scale integration (floor scale, forklift, and weigh bridge) & stored tare weights
    • Values material using actual “landed” cost including freight, storage, and processing
    • Provides traceability (genealogy) of material by supplier & buyer for quality control, claims and commissions
    • Barcode scanning and custom labels improves accuracy for material movements and identification
    • Handles material processes such as granulating, flaking, pelletizing, etc. Tracks yield and capitalizes all costs into material output
    • Allows separate input and output jobs to support segmented production lines
    • Specialized mobile apps allow shipping, receiving and processing jobs to be managed from your shop floor
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    • Generates all your specialized documentation including: packing lists, bills of lading, confirmations, freight instructions, invoices and more
    • Calculates gross profit by shipment, commodity, buyer, account and more
    • Supports export business with bookings, container tracking, cutoff date alerts & more
    • Easily handles drop shipments on one form with different currencies, weights & names
    • Captures photos, documents, and email attachments with each load
    • Real-time accounting integration saves time and avoids reconciliation issues
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    • Includes email integration and document scanning support
    • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Outlook
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