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    cieTrade’s paper merchant and converting software is packed with everything you need to help make your business more effective. It provides an integrated environment that’s specifically adapted for paper stock rolls, sheets and related products. It helps increase inventory & cost controls and provides organizational features to improve productivity and customer service. All without the risks and limitations of custom software or spreadsheets.


    • Supports all paper stock attributes: basis weight, caliper, roll/sheet size, core & more
    • Allows pricing by area, weight, and per sheet, in both imperial and metric
    • Supports both standard and blanket orders with order copy feature
    • Tracks order fulfillment, history, budget to actual, profitability by customer & sales rep
    • Easily handles drop shipments from one form with different currencies weights & names
    • Supports inventory Order Reserves, creates stock offer sheets
    • Quickly find any shipment by order #, Trailer/Railcar #, BOL, Pickup # and more
    • Organizes logistical and financial details including email attachments and photos around each shipment
    • Tracks inventory in "real-time" by Warehouse, lot, bin, and roll/skid # and more
    • Simplifies data capture of warehouse receipts with specialized apps
    • Capitalizes all converting and freight costs into stock valuation (landed cost) for accurate costing and profit calculations
    • Tracks parent-roll lineage (roll genealogy) and depletion history for all stock
    • Barcode scanning solutions and mobile warehouse apps control inventory movements
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    • Job-lot roll converting module handles rewinding, splicing, sheeting, etc. & tracks yield
    • Generates shipping & billing documents from customizable templates
    • Calculates gross profit and commissions for sales reps
    • Instant credit check, tracks credit limits, risk, provides snapshots, reports, & alerts
    • EDI document support allows shipping notices and invoices to be electronically exchanged
    • Real-time accounting integration saves time and avoids reconciliation issues
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    • Includes email integration and document scanning support
    • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Outlook
  • "cieTrade has proved to be invaluable in helping us grow and stay competitive, dramatically lowering our operating costs, providing critical data for decision making, and improving service for customers and suppliers."

    - Hilton Maze, President, Simon Miller Paper & Packaging

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