Inventory Management

  • Inventory Management For Scrap Trading

    cieTrade’s inventory management and material processing solution provides the capabilities you need to get control of your paper stock, recovered fiber, or scrap plastics inventory. It increases visibility and provides traceability of material for improved accountability, offers landed cost valuations, tracks rep contribution, production costs, yield, and more, all while helping to maximize the productivity of your warehouse.


    • Tracks material in real time by warehouse, lot, roll & skid#, raw/finished goods, condition, age and much more
    • Searchable product attributes for paper stock rolls, sheets, wood products, scrap plastics & more
    • Values material with actual "landed" cost including freight, storage & processing costs
    • Capitalizes storage charges or handling costs into existing inventory at any time
    • Supports both lot and perpetual (average cost) inventory accounting models
    • Allows negative inventory positions on shipments to improve productivity while inbound scrap material is being graded
    • Barcode scanning support & customizable labels save time and improve identification and accuracy of material movements & shipments
    • Provides traceability of material from its source even through manufacturing, to support claims and quality control issues
    • Tracks the contribution of buyers based on cost and quantity to measure productivity and calculate commissions
    • Provides specialized reports and forms to make it easy to post inventory adjustments and capture physical counts
    • Mobile tablet app helps improve productivity and control by eliminating paper grading forms and job control sheets
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    • Scale integration (floor scale, forklift, and weigh bridge) saves time and improves accuracy by capturing net weights
    • Provides summary & detail position reports, roll-forward, and inventory valuation
    • Increases overall visibility and control by reducing or eliminating cycle counts
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