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Know what’s on the floor.

Live bale inventory and production tracking from your warehouse or scrap yard.

  • ClickBale
  • ClickBale

    ClickBale is a new mobile app from cieTrade that lets you easily manage your scrap bale production and inventory. Each bale that's received or produced can be quickly captured or even tagged with a barcode label created from a mobile printer. Outbound Bales can be scanned or tallied with an average weight while it's tracking total load weight. A live Inventory report shows you what grades of material you have on hand including total weight and bale count and a recent transaction history. Corrections can be made from your mobile phone or you can view and adjust bale inventory directly from within cieTrade.

  • Instant Floor Report

    Instant Floor Report

    Eliminates time spent with manual counts or paper tally sheets by providing a real-time position report on bale counts, total bale weights and average weights for every grade in each warehouse or yard.

  • Creates Bale Tags

    Creates Bale Tags

    Specialized tags provide a readable barcode weight and other references to help identify bales received or produced and can be easily printed from a mobile Bluetooth printer directly from your warehouse floor or scrap yard.

  • Checks Load Weight

    Check Load Weight

    As material is loaded for shipping, bale weights can be instantly scanned with your mobile phone to track total load weight and help avoid exceeding maximum trailer weights. Bale counts and grades can also be automatically transferred to outbound cieTrade loads.

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